These days there are a lot of browser-oriented visualization toolkits, such d3.js or jit.js. They look great and are easy to use, but how much do they scale when used with medium-large or very large hierarchical datasets?

In the following examples I attempted to load the subject taxonomy (or part of it) using some of these common javascript visualization libraries..

Viz NamePrototypesComments
Collapsible Tree (d3.js) All levels Classic tree visualization. Works fine with all levels of the hiearchy. However you probably don't want to keep all of them open at the same time.. also, I occasionally spotted some scrolling problems when many data are displayed.
Bar Hierarchy (d3.js) All levels One level at-a-time visualization. Very responsive and fast with all the levels. The numbers in theory should indicate how many children a branch has, however it does not seem to work in all cases. Probably a programming error on my side..
iCicle (Jit.js) All levels Tree map visualization. It loads the json data without problems. However in some cases (probably due to its size) the labels don't show properly
Partition Table (d3.js) 2 levels | 3 levels | All levels Nice visualization similar to iCicle. With 2 levels it works smoothly. With 3 levels it already starts having problems. Some text is always hidden.
Rotating Cluster (d3.js) 2 levels | 3 levels | 4 levels Tree plotted on a circle, useful to provide a graphical overview of the data. 2 levels: the graph loads fine and can be rotated. 3 levels: takes much longer to initialize, and it's not very responsive.. maybe it could be improved though. 4 levels: added just for fun as it's unusable.. and it may crash your browser!
Wheel (d3.js) 2 levels Tree map plotted on a wheel. Interesting interactivity, but it works only with 2 levels (doesn't seem a solid implementation).
Hierarchical pie chart (d3.js) 2 levels | 3 levels | 4 levels | 5 levels | All levels Tree plotted on an interactive pie chart. The interactive recentering of the pie is becomes less responsive after the 4th level.
Bubble chart (d3.js) 2 levels | 3 levels | 4 levels | 5 levels | All levels Tree plotted on a bubble chart. The colors and ability to get an overview of related objects make this visualization very user friendly, however the hierarchical information is not clearly conveyed.